Find business partners

Join hands, multiply skills, and grow bigger, better, faster

Widen your horizons

With ProspectMint, finding a business partner online is a breeze. Learn more about professionals from all over, explore potential partnerships, and make it happen faster.
With so many talented people out there, why limit yourself? Expand your reach and discover more people you can synergize with.

True business partner

Forming partnerships is about teaming up with people who share your vision. ProspectMint helps you uncover details that tell you the full story and let you choose right.
Find partners that complement your strengths. Discover people with whom to share the dream and build a great organization.

Create lasting bonds

When you’re searching for a business partner, you are looking for more than people. You’re looking for someone with values, work ethics, and commitment that match yours.
The well-rounded information that we serve help you make the right decisions. And move closer to your organizational goals.

Connect confidently

In a world of changing email addresses, it’s vital to get the contact details right. Only accurate, updated information works how else can you form a partnership?
Our system makes email deliverability issues a thing of the past. Join businesses that trust us when looking for accurate emails.

Find business partners online

Looking within your own network or surfing through some old database of contacts isn’t always the best way of looking for partners. That’s because LinkedIn can offer you a lot, lot more alternatives. ProspectMint will help you find details of people you think are worthy of joining hands with. Collect these insights and reach out to people you’d like to collaborate with.

Make partnering smart

You get all the information you’d need on someone to see if they fit your requirements. Create your own lists, organize contacts and start getting in touch to take the dialogue further!

Learn things that matter

Finding emails isn’t enough. Your business partner search needs to also fetch details like their official titles, social profiles and more. Then you can choose which ones you’d like to begin engaging.

Connect without waiting

Verified email addresses and contact details make sure you don’t need to keep waiting forever to know if the email was sent to the right person. With ProspectMint, you’ll be right, every time.

5 tips on finding business partners

Know what to look for

Be clear why you’re out to find a business partner. That way, you’ll save time and spot potential partners better.

Stress on shared vision

One of the key elements you want in your business partner is identical vision and a passion to make a difference.

Avoid your total clones

Entrepreneurs looking for business partners should search for people with skills different from their own. Complement, don’t replicate.

Don’t compromise on values

If you must, compromise on skills, not on values or work ethics. These are the things that matter in the long run.

Look far, far ahead in future

While looking for business partnership, try to see if you’d enjoy working together for many, many years to come.

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