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Outreach with confidence

Your content marketing plan is complete only when you have accurate contact details of the people who matter. Better data helps you build a better strategy and fetch better results.
Get ProspectMint to reach the right people the right way - don’t leave any loose ends in your content marketing matrix!

Win with guest posts

Guest blogging opportunities are easy to grab when you have the email of the right person. Blog submission becomes easier, faster, and a great deal more effective.
Easily scale your guest blogging strategy and get results. Always reach out to the right people and make every email count.

Be the top content marketer

Take your B2B content marketing strategy into the top gear. Learn more about the people you’re writing to, build relationships, and make content work better for you.
Now you can realize a higher content marketing ROI and be confident of achieving your marketing goals.

Earn backlinks easily

Once you find blogs that accept guest posts in your niche, you want to reach the right people there. That’s because your blog submission can create tremendous opportunities.
With ProspectMint, you can easily leverage content to get backlinks, build authority, and educate prospects at scale.

Great content deserves better

You know creating high quality content is difficult, which is why we’ve made reaching out to people easy. Whether you’re trying to win a backlink or have bigger brands accept your guest post pitch, the decision-maker’s correct email address is key. Keep creating content and trust us to find you accurate email data with which to reach out and engage.

Improve results with contextual data

Not just email addresses, but also location, roles and more. That’s what ProspectMint helps you with. With more context and up-to-date contacts, your content marketing will be a breeze.

Build an accurate database at scale

Don’t limit yourself to just a couple of names - build a huge database of accurate contacts and grow with content marketing rapidly. Collect email addresses of as many blog managers as you want.

Make content marketing easier

From early startups to the biggest, best brands, content marketing benefits organizations of every size. And the key is to make reaching out to people scalable, swift, and successful.

5 best practices for content marketing

Be sure to offer real value

Make sure your content carries real value. Even the best content marketing solutions can fail without that.

Send personalized emails

Use contextual data to personalize your emails. That way, you get a much better content marketing ROI.

Research for the context

Spend time understanding context. Your email outreach should help connect the dots easily and quickly.

Leverage automation

Automation helps you scale faster. ProspectMint Chrome extension frees up your time and improves your efficiency.

Measure to improve

Use content marketing metrics to keep track of your performance. Alway keep testing and measuring your activities.

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Easily find emails of people you’d like to reach out to. Invest your energy and skills in converting emails.


Check if the email addresses on your list are valid and deliverable. Remove all invalid addresses.


Find email addresses, social profiles, location, and more. Learn more about the people you’re trying.