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Make sure your PR pitch reaches all the right ears

Send better PR emails

Media pitches click when you have access to accurate contact details. Give wings to your public relations efforts by spotting the right people and finding the best channels to reach them.
Use data you can trust and put your PR strategy on a strong footing.

Forge relationships

Building a strong network is key to driving growth, more so in the early stage of organizations. Stronger relationships can help you share your story in a better light.
Explore PR and networking opportunities via our rich database and soar higher.

Engage on your terms

Established businesses can decide how and with whom they’d like to engage at a deeper level. A ready database of accurate and updated contacts makes this efficient.
Use our filters to narrow down your choices and decide whom you’d like to engage with.

Drum up a buzz

Share all the good news with people who matter and supercharge your brand promotion. Make your PR strategies deliver.
Get ProspectMint do the legwork to reveal contact details of all those who can positively influence your business growth.

Build a media list that works

Always have a list of people ready to reach out to whenever you have a big announcement; doing it at the last moment is too late! Stay in touch and engage with them regularly so that when it’s time for sharing the big news, your press release won’t be ignored! ProspectMint lets you accurately find the right people and strengthen your brand early on.

Make PR management agile

ProspectMint saves you time and keeps you from stressing out over your PR efforts. Get through to the right people and achieve results like you’ve hired a public relations specialist!

Tell your story better

Know more about your media contacts so that you can stylize your story accordingly. Use our multiple data points and identify resource people who’d convey your stories best.

Widen your influence

ProspectMint lets you access more prospective contacts. Explore more profiles and discover more opportunities. Choose whom to reach out and let your message create a bigger impact.

5 Public relations best practices

Create genuine stories

Share only when you have something worthwhile to say. Remember, PR is about news, not about your product marketing.

Explain why it matters

Won an award? Achieved a milestone? Explain its importance in your industry and make everyone’s job easier.

Build with the facts

Don’t go heavy on self-praise, focus on the facts instead. Let people understand your value based on all that.

Distribute segment-wise

Not every story matters to all platforms. Make
PR pitching more targeted to ensure better coverage.

Be fair in expectations

Every story can’t be covered. Respect their priorities and continuously refine your understanding about them.

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Find email addresses, social profiles, location, and more. Learn more about the people you’re trying.