Get funds to drive growth

Find investors for your business and scale up

Do the smart thing

Attracting funding for business is a lot easier when you connect with the right people. Your venture has enough challenges - finding investors shouldn’t be one of them.
ProspectMint can give you instant access to a nearly limitless database of people who’ll be happy to invest in your growth story.

Pitch intelligently

Unless you personalize them, outreach messages to investors will fall flat. ProspectMint lets you access comprehensive data with which to understand your audience.
Arm yourself with insights and send a message that resonates better. Make pitching to angel investors a breeze.

Find angel investors

Angel investors don't have to be right where you are; they can be anywhere. Which is why you need to seek them out and learn more about them.
ProspectMint lets you collect more information about your potential investors. Learn everything about them that matters and pitch them right the first time.

Attract investments

A pitch deck for investors works best when you have more information on the investors. ProspectMint helps understand potential investors the way it makes a difference.
Customize your pitches on the basis of insights we help you with and get better at attracting investors.

Help your message stand out

Investors and venture capital funds are flooded with requests daily. But the understanding that ProspectMint helps you generate will tell you what details you should cover in the communication, and how. To attract investors, you need to tailor your message in a way that helps people connect with your proposal at a much deeper level.

Make attracting investment easier

By knowing whom you’re pitching to, you make the process smoother, faster, and more efficient. Let ProspectMint help you develop a clearer picture of your audience and engage better.

Factor in their needs

When you pitch to investors, it’s important to remember what their own priorities are. A closer study of their social media profiles can sharpen your understanding about what they care about.

Accuracy is critical

You don't want to craft your pitch on the basis of information that’s two years old. ProspectMint gives you reliable, updated data so that you know how to pitch for investment a lot better.

5 best practices to get investors

Show what you're solving

It's crucial to accurately define the problem you’re solving. Better your definition, better the chances of your success.

Work hard on the intro

How you begin matters a great deal. Your intro will set the tone for the rest of the ask for startup funding.

Know your forecasts well

Explain your numbers and forecasts. Never lose sight of key metrics, because that’s what business is all about.

Marketing strategy is key

It takes a lot more than vision to grow your business. Have a clear strategy on how you plan to grow and scale.

Sell vision, not promises

Investors value looking at the larger picture. Make a point to share your vision and pivot it around business growth.

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