Build awesome teams

Attract the right people and drive organizational growth

From contact to colleague

Reaching the right passive candidate that can add value to your organization just got easier. Get ProspectMint to leverage LinkedIn to connect with your future teams.
Find emails faster and spend more time engaging with and attracting talent. An email contact today can be your team tomorrow.

Right fit that stands out

ProspectMint lets you find awesome people by using various filters in your search. Recruit talents that share your organization’s values.
Find people that are a good match. People who both fit right and stand out.

Efficient talent hunt

Automated search means you not only find the right people, but you also have a larger pool to choose from. And most importantly, it saves you time.
Recruiting top talent just got faster. Take your hiring process to a new level of efficiency.

Powerful sourcing tool

Bring speed, efficiency, and reliability to your recruitment. Get ProspectMint to find details of people you’d like to engage with and make your recruitment systems work smarter.
Exploit insights to gain candidates’ attention, win their trust, and engage faster.

Ideal candidates are mostly taken

That’s true - the best people you’d like to hire are nearly always working elsewhere. Which is why your outreach to potential employees must be focused and contextual. ProspectMint lets you filter data by location, industries and other factors, which helps you cut steps to hire an employee and move your recruitment process into high gear.

Make hiring smart

At ProspectMint, a click is all it takes to identify best-fit candidates, using criteria of your choice. Leverage this info to improve your context, and achieve better cold email response rates.

Hiring better, at scale

With verified contact details and other key info, we’ve made it easier than ever to build a big list of potential candidates. Add ProspectMint to your hiring workflow and hire better and faster.

Easily make the first move

Why wait for great talent to get in touch with you? Easily find them and begin engaging with them instead. Win them with your employee value proposition and start building a bigger, better team.

5 hiring best practices for team-building

Identify key requirements

Chalk out in detail the skills you’d like to see in your ideal hire. Use terms that are understandable and measurable.

Know the candidate better

Learn more about your prospective employees. Understand if their abilities are the right fit within the context of your business.

Improve the experience

Work on employer branding and candidate experience. Better processes will help you attract better talent.

Adopt technology

Add speed and accuracy by using technology. Use tools to scale up, polish, and optimize the way you recruit people.

Think beyond immediate

You want your people to grow with your organization. Look for people who can take up bigger responsibilities over time.

What our customer say

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Easily find emails of people you’d like to reach out to. Invest your energy and skills in converting emails.


Check if the email addresses on your list are valid and deliverable. Remove all invalid addresses.


Find email addresses, social profiles, location, and more. Learn more about the people you’re trying.