Leads that grow sales

Get qualified leads that help you close more deals

Leads that get you deals

ProspectMint is your smartest automated lead prospecting tool. Identify ideal prospects, find email address of people you want to reach out to and connect right away.
Get verified contact details that you can trust and begin building your campaign upon.

Cut your cost per lead

ProspectMint brings you only leads that actually help you close more sales. High quality leads generate business, drive revenue and get you a better campaign ROI
By getting accurate data, you keep your average cost per lead low.

Reach prospects faster

Accurate leads from ProspectMint means you cut away the trial-and-error from prospecting. Fill your B2B sales pipeline faster and remain agile.
Reach prospects before your competitors do. And close deals earlier.

Build sales pipeline

Get a list of accurate, targeted leads to super-charge your sales team performance. Ensure a bigger, better pipeline to convert more prospects in less time.
Hugely improve your team productivity and efficiency, and let them shine.

Sales growth that’s easy to scale

ProspectMint brings you the ultimate sales solution that’s built to drive growth at scale. The simple, yet powerful interface of ProspectMint lets your marketing teams easily find hundreds of prospective customers that your sales teams can begin engaging with. Win more accounts, multiply your revenue figures and take your business to the next level.

Make selling lean

Spend time converting quality leads and stop wasting hours looking for contact details. Build efficiency, cut the slack and make your selling lean with ProspectMint.

Less efforts, more results

With more leads matching your ideal buyer persona, your sales teams will find they convert more with less efforts. Improve sales productivity and build better relationships with customers.

More insights on your leads

Narrow down prospects using multiple parameters and build segmented lists quickly. Get more info on your leads to personalize each message you send out and achieve bigger, better results.

5 Email best practices for better sales

Customize your emails

Use the insights you have on your prospects to customize your emails. A tailor-made email can engage a lot better.

Explain solution outcomes

Don’t just write about features, tell them how your solution solves their problems. Show prospects you care for them.

Persuade, don’t push

Build an email sequence that gently encourages prospects to eventually make a purchase. Don’t be in a hurry to sell.

Sound like a human, not a bot

Humans buy from humans, not from machines. Be personal and show you are eager to solve their problem.

Mention the next action clearly

Precisely explain the next action you want them to take. Avoid having more than one CTAs in any email.

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Easily find emails of people you’d like to reach out to. Invest your energy and skills in converting emails.


Check if the email addresses on your list are valid and deliverable. Remove all invalid addresses.


Find email addresses, social profiles, location, and more. Learn more about the people you’re trying.